So here at Tungsten Ring Review, we’ve sorted though several sites on the internet that sell Tungsten Rings.  There are several sites that appear reputible, but are not always so.  Also, it’s out beliefe that Tungsten Rings should not cost as much as traditional metal wedding bands.  The cost of a Tungsten Ring lies in the manufacturing, as the metal itself is not a precious metal.  Based on value, here are the top two sites that we’ve found to purchase Tungsten Wedding Rings:

Best Value, Huge Selection: Ring Ninja.  Not only do they sell Tungsten Rings, but if you’re interested in Titanium or Stainless Steel, they have quite a nice selection of those as well.  They also handle custom ring engraving for a fee of $24.95, and we’ve seen some of their samples – they do a better job engraving Tungsten Rings than anyone else that we’ve come accross.  Quite simply, for the money, it’s very hard to beat this company’s quality or customer service.

As of our last date Ring Ninja’s traditional engraving is now done for just $20.00 – and they are now offering both inside ring engraving, as well as outside ring engraving.  In addition to this they offer an outside ring engraving service that includes engraving things such as ambigrams, and they can even engrave finger prints onto the outside of their tungsten rings (as well as all of the other types of jewelry that they sell).  They are offering a line of tungsten pendants that can also have custom engraving done, which appear to be very impressive!