Tungsten Camo Ring–Happy Hunting!

RNTU086_AAre you an avid outdoorsman?  Perhaps you are passionate about hunting and love everything to do with it.  This may be the ring for you.  Not only is it made out of Tungsten Carbide so it’s sure to take a beating and stand up to scratches better than any other jewelry material in production today, but it will blend into it’s surroundings with it’s laser etched camo pattern.  The laser etching on this ring isn’t like any other we’ve seen before.  The effect of light and dark in the camo pattern is very unique.

If you’ve been in the market for a camouflage ring to fit your outdoor lifestyle, than this may be the one for you.  You can find this ring currently in 8 millimeter width here: http://ring-ninja.com/tungstenringcamo-rntu086.html also remember that Ring Ninja will offers a lifetime warranty on all of their tungsten rings.  This ring can also be custom engraved on the inside with a message of your choice for just $24.95!  Below is the description from their website – Happy Hunting!


Our 8MM Camo Pattern Domed Tungsten Wedding Ring has a highly polished mirror like finish. After the finish is applied we laser etch a camo pattern into this ring. The etching will appear to be two different shades however we achieve by the way light reflects off the ring. In some lighting situation it will appear to be just one lighter or darker color as well. This is another unique piece that we created right here at Ring Ninja. Make your hunter happy with this ring! This ring makes for an awesome wedding ring as the shine will last a lifetime!

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