Tungsten and Black Carbon Fiber Ring

For our first review of a Tungsten Ring here at Tungsten Ring Review, we’ve decided we’d go with what appears to be the most popular edition on the market today.  Pictured here is a Tungsten and Black Carbon Fiber Ring from Ring-Ninja.com.  This ring is available at many retailers but you need to be careful when considering this ring because the make-up of the Tungsten is key.  Some retailers will use Cobalt (even though many claim not to use Cobalt, it’s important to go with a reputable retailer) to keep their manufacturing costs down.  Cobalt can have a negative reaction with the skin, and cause your ring to tarnish over time.  The solution to this has been to use Nickle as a binder, which is the most viable option to give the ring a long lasting polish and prevent any undesirable skin irritation.

This ring is truly beautiful, and if you are purchasing this ring from Ring Ninja you’ll be getting a great deal.  There are several personal reviews on the website, and for the money you just can’t go wrong.  This price on this bad boy is just $62.99, and with a simple web search from “Ring Ninja coupon codes” we were able to find several coupon codes over at site’s like RetailMeNot.com, the latest addition appearing to be 5% off for the month of January.  That coupon code was: 5offjanuary (very original).

Don’t forget about the great deals that you’ll find on custom ring engraving.  Nobody beats their prices or craftsmanship when it comes to the engraving, and we have yet to find another retailer that has more fonts, can handle custom fonts, or can do anywhere near the amount of symbols (ie: hearts, crosses, etc) as Ring Ninja.

Here is the product description from their website (BTW, we give this ring 6 out of 5 stars, we find the deal that good):

Our 10MM Tungsten and Black Carbon Fiber Mens Ring is made from genuine Tungsten Carbide and Black Carbon Fiber. The edges of this ring are polished shiny, while the center is inlaid with Black Carbon Fiber. The edges of the ring are beveled which makes for a nice fit on your finger. This is a super wide band and looks amazing in person! This ring is comfort fit. Tungsten Carbide is extremely scratch resistant and the shine will last a lifetime!

Buy with confidence as this 10MM Tungsten and Black Carbon Fiber Mens Ring comes with our 21-day satisfaction guarantee and is eligible for our Lifetime Warranty.

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