Tungsten and 18K Gold Tungsten Wedding Ring

So if you’ve been in the market for a Tungsten Ring for any amount of time, you have probably seen Tungsten Rings that have inlays.  This particular Tungsten Ring has what’s known as an ‘overlay’.  Basically an overlay is a fancy word for plating.  Keep in mind there have been many advances in plating over the last 10 years and plating holds up better than it used to.  However, even with all the advances in plating it does have some drawbacks on a Tungsten Ring, however minor these might be.

One thing to really consider – if you’re in the market for a ring that is going to be scratch resistant and durable, you might want to think about looking for a ring that is solid Tungsten Wedding Ring.  No overlay, inlay, etc.  Reason being, if your sole purpose for purchasing one of the beautiful rings is to avoid scratching – the plating is really no stronger (well, not much anyway) than normal 18K gold.  While this is a fine metal, and makes a nice ring – we all know the drawbacks of gold as jewelry.  It’s soft.  It’s expensive.  It scratches easily – remember those old cowboy movies where they’d find gold coins, and they’d want to check to see if it was real, so they’d bite the coin to make sure it was authentic?  Well, they were looking to see if they could bend it – and that’s gold for you.  Soft.

Now, don’t get this wrong – we are in love with this particular ring, however in our opinion here at the Tungsten Ring Review, we feel that people should understand that anytime you see gold on a Tungsten Ring, you’re getting a ring that is not quite as scratch resistant.

So what are the advantages to plating Tungsten?  Well for one, the elimination of bending.  Who wants a ring that is going to become mishapped over time?  What if you drop something heavy on your ring, and the ring pinches your finger?  Well that isn’t going to happen with Tungsten.  Advantage #2, weight.  Some people have purchase steel plated rings in the past, or titanium plated rings, and it just doesn’t feel right.  Tungsten is about the same weight as gold, so it really has a quality feel to it that you can’t replicate by plating other metals.  The main advantage: PRICE.  That’s right, price.  For a ring like this, to have a solid gold inlay, you’d be looking about about $750 depending on the size of the ring (obviously the larger the size the more precious metal inlay you’d be using).  Picking up this ring for just $64.99 is an absolute steel to begin with, but when comparing it to gold, it’s just a great, economical decision.

So here’s the verdit: if you are looking for a great price, on a beautiful Tungsten and 18K Gold Ring – then this is the ring for you.  Heck, Ring Ninja even offers this in a his and her wedding ring set for just $124.99.  If you’re looking for something that’s durable because you have busy hands, ie: you’re a construction worker, or something along those lines, then we’d recommend avoiding this ring and going for something that is a solid piece of Tungsten.  However, you could always buy one of these for dress, and a solid ring for work.  This is something we’ve seen done many times, so keep that in mind as well ;)

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