The Amazing Tungsten Ring

In jewelry production tungsten carbide wedding bands have many advantages over traditional metals. Tungsten as a raw element is comparable to titanium in terms of strength, which is to say very strong. However when combined with carbon to create tungsten carbide, the strength is only surpassed by diamonds. Gold, platinum, and silver while beautiful in their own right just can’t withstand the day to day wear in the same way that a tungsten carbide ring will.

In terms of durability tungsten carbide rings are top notch. Tungsten carbide is about ten times stronger than gold and four times stronger than titanium. Also with the more traditional metals the purer you get the softer the piece of jewelry is going to be. For instance a 10k gold wedding band is going to be stronger than a 24k gold wedding band, however the 10k gold wedding band has many other “filler” metals in the ring. This means you are paying for a gold ring however you are getting a band that has 58% filler material in it. You will notice with the softer traditional metals that your ring will go out of round more and more often as time goes on. This brings us to the first major advantage of tungsten carbide rings, tungsten carbide will not bend out of round ever. Tungsten carbide can not be bent, which can be a real finger saver if there’s a misguided swing of the hammer.

The next drawback of gold and platinum compared to tungsten carbide wedding bands is that gold and platinum will scratch relatively easily. Knock your new wedding ring on the door handle while trying to be polite to the old lady behind you and you have a whole new set of problems when you get home. Now a nick here or there is no fun, but over time all these little nicks and dings add up and that beautiful mens wedding band you saw in the display case is now a shadow of its former self. With tungsten wedding bands you can kiss those days goodbye. Tungsten carbide will not scratch or fade under normal wear.

One of the greatest appeals to tungsten carbide is its ability to hold a shine. The finish on tungsten wedding rings will not dull or fade over time. With gold, especially white gold, the finish just does not last. White gold is a misnomer, there actually is no such thing as “white gold”. White gold is a rhodium plated gold band. When your white gold starts to wear you will see the yellow underneath. Platinum rings are great, but they are not scratch resistant, and costing more than 4 times the price of gold, it isn’t a very cost effective option.
When purchasing a wedding band the one thing that gets lost in how the ring looks is how does the ring actually fit. Unfortunately this is not something which can be assessed in only a few minutes at the jewelry store. Tungsten wedding bands have a domed comfort fit finish. This means that they will run a bit large so you will need to order about 1/2 size smaller than you would typically wear. What this also means is that even though tungsten carbide is a heavier metal, it will sit better on your finger for long term wear.

I know you are asking yourself with all of these great features tungsten wedding bands must have a small selection. Well that statement couldn’t be further from the truth. Tungsten carbide rings come in a wide variety of styles and finishes.

Shapes range from domed, to stepped edge, to pipe cut, to concave, to beveled edged and more. For finishes there is the soft satin, brushed, polished, inlay, and laser engraved. For colors tungsten wedding rings can be made in gunmetal grey, light silver, dark silver, black plated, and gold plated. And don’t forget that tungsten rings can be inlaid with materials such as carbon fiber, diamonds, and cubic zirconias. Black tungsten rings have a very appealing look and gold plated tungsten rings provide the look of gold with the weight and comfort of tungsten carbide.

With all the advantages tungsten carbide wedding bands provide it is easy to see why they are quickly becoming the choice wedding ring for both him and her.