Stepped Edge Tungsten Ring with Four Christain Crosses

RNTU055_AMy sisters husband uses his hands a lot for his job as an electrician. He approached me about getting a new wedding band a few weeks ago; he wanted something a little thicker in width than his current 8MM tungsten wedding band. He didn’t want a dramatic change in width size, just a small increase. Most of the people that he works with have tungsten carbide rings because of their durability and strength. An upgrade to a 10MM wide tungsten ring seemed like a doable upgrade; it’s a little larger than an 8MM wide ring but it’s also not overwhelmingly large. He liked the look of 10MM rings, so he decided to have that be the first credential of his new ring purchase. After he decided on the width of the ring, he then stated that he wanted to have crosses on his ring for style. Together we investigated our favorite website to shop for rings: We found the perfect ring: a 10MM wide tungsten carbide ring with four christian crosses. My brother-in-law more specifically liked the stepped edge around the circumference of the ring; it definitely adds some style to what would be a rather plain ring. He purchased his ring from for $62.99 and he absolutely loves it! It’s a gorgeous ring and he gets compliments on it everywhere he goes. If you or someone you know of is looking to purchase a tungsten carbide ring, ring-ninja is the place to shop! Ring-Ninja has a variety of products at prices that are unbeatable; it’s definitely worth a browse!

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