Pipe Cut Tungsten Wedding Bands

Looking for a modern wedding band?  Nothing is more modern than the collection of pipe cut Tungsten Wedding Bands by Ring Ninja.  These bands come as narrow as 3MM (Which makes a great companion ring to an engagement ring), and as wide as 10MM.  They are also available in 6MM and 8MM widths that can even be purchased as a Tungsten Wedding Ring Set at a slight discount over their already low, low prices.

What’s so great about a basic pipe cut Tungsten Band you ask?  Well they really are the most modern looking bands you can get – if you’re into that sort of that thing.  There is no domed effect, just a gorgeous, glimmering, flat band on the finger.

We saw one of these bands that was custom engraved for a free mason.  The center had a compass and with a 3 on either side of the compass making a 33 (assuming it was for a 33rd degree mason).  On the inside of the band this particular mason has the name of his lodge custom engraved, which looked very cool.  For the price with engraving (about $80) you can’t really go wrong if you’re in the market for a custom, Masonic Tungsten Ring.

As always due to price and quality Ring Ninja beats out all of the competitors, and the engraving is a great bonus.  Not only can they custom engrave just about anything within reason that you come up with to put on your ring, and a variety of fonts and symbols – they can do it THE SAME DAY.  There are so many companies on the net right now selling less that quality material, that takes forever to show up, and they outsource their engraving – but not Ring Ninja.  They feature an in house engraving tech who is apparently very good at what he or she does, and very speedy.  If you are looking for some Custom Engraved Tungsten Rings to be overnighted to you – you can’t go wrong with Ring Ninja’s huge selection of Tungsten Wedding Bands!

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