Lord of the Rings Elvish Tungsten Rings

RNTU014_A_thumb.jpgFrom 2001 to 2003 Hollywood transformed the Lord of the Rings book series into a major motion picture phenomenon. In 2012 a fourth Lord of the Rings movie, The Hobbit, was released in theaters. The Hobbit tells the story of the magical gold ring from the Lord of the Rings.  Since the creation of the films, replicas of the ring from the  Lord the Rings movie have become increasingly popular. The ring from the film is almost identical to the one in the picture above. The text around the circumference of the ring is written in Elvish cursive, just like the ring in the film. The ring featured in this post is an 18K gold tungsten carbide ring from Ring-Ninja.com. This ring is a great buy for anyone who loves the Lord of the Rings story. Since its made of tungsten carbide, the ring won’t scratch or break. This ring is selling on Ring-Ninja’s website for only $49.99, what a deal! In addition to the gold ring featured above Ring-Ninja also has the same ring with a silver finish and black finish:












Each of the Lord of the Rings rings are the same price, $49.99 at Ring-Ninja.com! Check them out!


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