Greek Pride

RNTU037_A During my college years I was fortunate to have the experience of traveling abroad. During my travels I always maintained an equal balance of fear and excitement. It is exciting to experience and absorb new cultures, but it is also terrifying to enter uncharted territory. I am a bit of an adrenalin junkie when it comes to traveling abroad; I always like to be on the line between comfort and discomfort.

Out of the five different European countries I have traveled in, there is one country in particular that I have always wanted to venture to, Greece. In West Michigan, my hometown area, there is a surprisingly large number of full-blooded second generation Greek immigrants. Perhaps this is an exaggeration on my part, but I have three close friends that are in fact second-generation Greek immigrants, meaning their parent(s) came from Greece. All of them have been to Greece a number of times, and I always drool over their stunning photographs and countless stories of their majestic-sounding experiences.

Greece is not only a beautiful country, but it is also a fashion-hub. One of my favorite Greek patterns is called “Greek Key.” The Greek key pattern is rumored to symbolize Greek power and unity. How awesome is that! I was excited to see that has an 8MM Tungsten ring with the Greek key pattern engraved on it! I love tungsten carbide because the metal always hold up very well, and it looks great, and I am all about quality combined with a great deal. Ring-Ninja’s Greek key ring sells for $59.99! What a great price! I love to shop at, and they almost always have some sort of coupon code for a discount, which I love.

I may not be able to frolic around on the beaches of Greece in the near future, but at least I can feel awesome in my tungsten Greek key ring from! Love it!

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