Faceted Edge Tungsten Ring With Black Inlay

RNTU029_AI love the look, feel, and durability of Tungsten rings. Whenever I purchase one I know that I am purchasing a piece that will maintain its look overtime. For this reason, whenever friends or relatives ask for my input on a new piece of jewelry they are considering for purchase, I always recommend Tungsten metal rings because I know that they will hold up. Lately I have been hunting around for a new Tungsten Ring for my friend, David. David does a lot of outdoor work (hunting, archery, gardening, cementing) so I knew that Tungsten would be the best metal for him. David’s budget is tight, so price has been a major factor in his ability to actually purchase a ring that he likes. I decided to introduce David to my favorite place to shop for tungsten rings, Ring-Ninja.com. Ring-Ninja has a lot of ring options to choose from and their customer service has always been prompt and friendly. In addition to the companies large variety of rings and impeccable customer service, their prices are unbelievably cheap! It’s almost too good to be true, but indeed it is. There has been one ring in particular that I’ve been eyeing for a while on Ring-Ninja’s website, a 9MM faceted edge tungsten ring with black inlay (see picture above). The detail on the outer rim of the ring is just enough to add a little flare the the ring while also maintaining its classic appeal. The black inlay down the center of the ring adds a nice neutral tone throughout the circumference of the ring. I knew that this gem I found would be the perfect ring for my friend David, especially since it’s only $59.99! What a deal! David made the decision to purchase the ring featured above as well as three others from Ring-Ninja’s website! If you or anyone you know is looking for a strong, durable ring that will hold up over time, any of the tungsten rings from Ring-Ninja.com will do just that. Check them out!


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