May 22 2012

Super Wide Tungsten Wedding Bands

This is one masculine ring.  If you’re in the market for a pipe cut style wedding band, and you want something that is durable, wide, and is sure to get noticed then this may be just the ring for you.  This Super Wide Tungsten Wedding Band from Ring Ninja measures 12MM in width and comes in sizes from 7 all the way up to size 17.  It’s very difficult to find sizes that large these days that don’t cost extra, or takes weeks to order, so if you are looking for a size 16 wedding band, or a size 17 wedding band, this might be the ideal ring for you.

In addition to it’s bold styling, this ring can also be custom engraved.  Not only can this ring be engraved on the outside, but it can be engraved on the inside as well.  At the time we are reviewing this ring, engraving through Ring Ninja is on sale for just $20 per ring, vs the normal price of $24.95.  If you’re looking for a quality engraving job that isn’t going to wear off, and isn’t going to void your warranty – we recommend utilizing Ring Ninja’s high pressure diamond tip rotary engraving service.  We know that laser engraving is the latest ‘hip’ thing, but the fact of the matter is, on custom engraving, it’s just not all that it’s cracked up to be.  After a couple of weeks your custom laser engraving can start to fade – however with a more traditional, all be it very high tech set up and machinery, a diamond etching will out last any custom laser engraving job.  In fact not only will diamond tip engravings not fade, they will actually darken a little bit over time.

As always Ring Ninja is providing competitive pricing, with amazing quality and service.  This ring will carry their standard lifetime warranty, and that warranty is not going to be voided if you’ve decided to engrave your ring.

Be sure to check out their new gold wedding ring collection as well if Tungsten Rings aren’t the direction you’d like to go in.

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Feb 14 2011

9MM Laser Etched ‘Celtic’ Tungsten Wedding Ring Stepped Edge

This is truly a great looking ring.  In fact, I’m not even sure you can just refer to it as a ring — this thing is a piece of art.  The way that the center of this ring is raised above the edges, and the center brushed to give it a nice, dark hue, is truly breath taking.  What makes this particular ring a true piece of art though is the laser etched Celtic Knot pattern that stands out on the raised center.  Symbolising two that have become one is really brought to the forefront in the craftsmanship on this ring.

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Jan 15 2011

Tungsten Wedding Ring Sets

When Tungsten Rings first began gaining popularity they were generally just considered Men’s Wedding Rings.  However with the recent rise in precious metal prices like gold and platinum Tungsten Wedding Ring Sets are no longer just for him.  There are many places on the net to find Women’s Tungsten Rings, however none have the extensive selection of His and Her Tungsten Wedding Ring Sets as Ring Ninja.

Take for instance this Tungsten Wedding Ring Set with stepped edges and four crosses.  The crosses are evenly spaced around the ring.  Ring Ninja can also engrave the outside of this ring and put one word imbetween each cross.  As you’ll see in the picture below this creates a beautiful customized ring.  This wedding ring set makes very nice promise rings, wedding rings, promise rings, or just great pieces of jewelry. Continue reading

Jan 13 2011

Pipe Cut Tungsten Wedding Bands

Looking for a modern wedding band?  Nothing is more modern than the collection of pipe cut Tungsten Wedding Bands by Ring Ninja.  These bands come as narrow as 3MM (Which makes a great companion ring to an engagement ring), and as wide as 10MM.  They are also available in 6MM and 8MM widths that can even be purchased as a Tungsten Wedding Ring Set at a slight discount over their already low, low prices. Continue reading

Jan 11 2011

Tungsten and Black Carbon Fiber Ring

For our first review of a Tungsten Ring here at Tungsten Ring Review, we’ve decided we’d go with what appears to be the most popular edition on the market today.  Pictured here is a Tungsten and Black Carbon Fiber Ring from  This ring is available at many retailers but you need to be careful when considering this ring because the make-up of the Tungsten is key.  Some retailers will use Cobalt (even though many claim not to use Cobalt, it’s important to go with a reputable retailer) to keep their manufacturing costs down.  Cobalt can have a negative reaction with the skin, and cause your ring to tarnish over time.  The solution to this has been to use Nickle as a binder, which is the most viable option to give the ring a long lasting polish and prevent any undesirable skin irritation. Continue reading