Jun 19 2014

Tungsten Fingerprint Ring

RNTU106_AThis is truly a treasure.  Have the ability to wear a rugged piece of jewelry, so customized that it has a completely unique marking of your loved on directly on it.  Whether it’s for your significant other, one of your children be it your own, niece, nephew, etc, or even if it’s a remembrance ring of someone who isn’t with you anymore – a Tungsten Fingerprint Ring is truly a great way to remember your loved one while they aren’t present.

These can also be ordered with more than one print.  For $20 each additional print, you could comfortably fit up to four prints on a larger tungsten ring.  This particular model is available from Ring Ninja.  They state they can do this type of engraving on other rings as well, not just tungsten.  They have the ability to put your cherished ones fingerprint on not only Tungsten, but Cobalt, Titanium, and Stainless Steel as well.  They even can do a white print on a black tungsten ring.  We saw a few examples but they didn’t have any pictures for us to put up with this post.  We hope to be able to add some soon as they really were some great, unique pieces of jewelry in the black.

The cost of the men’s version of this ring is currently just $99.99.  A lot of places sell this wedding band by itself for more than that – so this really is a great price.  They make it easy to create your custom band as well.  No need to ship out wax strips to take an imprint.  All you need to do is create a clean fingerprint (for an example of that we suggest checking out their website) and take a good photo with a cell phone and send it in via email.  They will let you know if the print is good or bad, and within a couple of days they will send you the completed ring!

But wait, perhaps you aren’t 100% sure on your size?  Well you can actually order the ring in the size you suspect you are – and they will ship it to you with no engraving.  If you are in the USA and choose this option, they include a prepaid return shipper.  You simply fill out the little form indicating if you need to change sizes, and slip the ring back into your US mail box.  One nice thing about this option – if you are a little on the technically challenged side of things, you can put your paper prints in this mailer, and they will take it from there - no need to try and get them the image from your phone.

We recommend taking a look at their tungsten fingerprint rings.  Here’s a link:


Jul 29 2013

Black Tungsten Rings

RNTU091_ALooking for a great piece of jewelry to show off your dark side?  Perhaps you just love the looks of black jewelry.  Not only is black one of the hottest colors for rings – but tungsten is one of the hottest trends in jewelry.  Over at Ring Ninja they have some stunning solid black tungsten rings.  These rings come in multiple widths.  You can get the rings in either 3MM (great for a woman, or if you’re just looking for that thing band), 6MM wide, 8MM wide, 10MM wide, and even 12MM wide.  All of these black tungsten rings are a pipe cut (also known as flat) style, and have a matte finish.  The matte finish really allows the ring to stay dark, and not be dark a shiny at the same time.  This is a ring in such a timeless, dark style, it would even make the late great Johnny Cash smile as he slid it onto his finger.

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Jun 6 2013

Stepped Edge Tungsten Ring with Four Christain Crosses

RNTU055_AMy sisters husband uses his hands a lot for his job as an electrician. He approached me about getting a new wedding band a few weeks ago; he wanted something a little thicker in width than his current 8MM tungsten wedding band. He didn’t want a dramatic change in width size, just a small increase. Most of the people that he works with have tungsten carbide rings because of their durability and strength. An upgrade to a 10MM wide tungsten ring seemed like a doable upgrade; it’s a little larger than an 8MM wide ring but it’s also not overwhelmingly large. He liked the look of 10MM rings, so he decided to have that be the first credential of his new ring purchase. After he decided on the width of the ring, he then stated that he wanted to have crosses on his ring for style. Together we investigated our favorite website to shop for rings: ring-ninja.com. We found the perfect ring: a 10MM wide tungsten carbide ring with four christian crosses. My brother-in-law more specifically liked the stepped edge around the circumference of the ring; it definitely adds some style to what would be a rather plain ring. He purchased his ring from ring-ninja.com for $62.99 and he absolutely loves it! It’s a gorgeous ring and he gets compliments on it everywhere he goes. If you or someone you know of is looking to purchase a tungsten carbide ring, ring-ninja is the place to shop! Ring-Ninja has a variety of products at prices that are unbeatable; it’s definitely worth a browse!

Jun 5 2013

Lord of the Rings Elvish Tungsten Rings

RNTU014_A_thumb.jpgFrom 2001 to 2003 Hollywood transformed the Lord of the Rings book series into a major motion picture phenomenon. In 2012 a fourth Lord of the Rings movie, The Hobbit, was released in theaters. The Hobbit tells the story of the magical gold ring from the Lord of the Rings.  Since the creation of the films, replicas of the ring from the  Lord the Rings movie have become increasingly popular. The ring from the film is almost identical to the one in the picture above. The text around the circumference of the ring is written in Elvish cursive, just like the ring in the film. The ring featured in this post is an 18K gold tungsten carbide ring from Ring-Ninja.com. This ring is a great buy for anyone who loves the Lord of the Rings story. Since its made of tungsten carbide, the ring won’t scratch or break. This ring is selling on Ring-Ninja’s website for only $49.99, what a deal! In addition to the gold ring featured above Ring-Ninja also has the same ring with a silver finish and black finish:












Each of the Lord of the Rings rings are the same price, $49.99 at Ring-Ninja.com! Check them out!


Jun 5 2013

Faceted Edge Tungsten Ring With Black Inlay

RNTU029_AI love the look, feel, and durability of Tungsten rings. Whenever I purchase one I know that I am purchasing a piece that will maintain its look overtime. For this reason, whenever friends or relatives ask for my input on a new piece of jewelry they are considering for purchase, I always recommend Tungsten metal rings because I know that they will hold up. Lately I have been hunting around for a new Tungsten Ring for my friend, David. David does a lot of outdoor work (hunting, archery, gardening, cementing) so I knew that Tungsten would be the best metal for him. David’s budget is tight, so price has been a major factor in his ability to actually purchase a ring that he likes. I decided to introduce David to my favorite place to shop for tungsten rings, Ring-Ninja.com. Ring-Ninja has a lot of ring options to choose from and their customer service has always been prompt and friendly. In addition to the companies large variety of rings and impeccable customer service, their prices are unbelievably cheap! It’s almost too good to be true, but indeed it is. There has been one ring in particular that I’ve been eyeing for a while on Ring-Ninja’s website, a 9MM faceted edge tungsten ring with black inlay (see picture above). The detail on the outer rim of the ring is just enough to add a little flare the the ring while also maintaining its classic appeal. The black inlay down the center of the ring adds a nice neutral tone throughout the circumference of the ring. I knew that this gem I found would be the perfect ring for my friend David, especially since it’s only $59.99! What a deal! David made the decision to purchase the ring featured above as well as three others from Ring-Ninja’s website! If you or anyone you know is looking for a strong, durable ring that will hold up over time, any of the tungsten rings from Ring-Ninja.com will do just that. Check them out!


May 30 2013

10MM Tungsten and Black Carbon Fiber Ring


Carbon fiber rings have been a popular choice for a wedding ring or casual ring since they first came to the jewelry market. The best thing about carbon fiber rings is how nicely they accent a ring without adding additional weight or discomfort, like the 10MM tungsten and black carbon fiber ring featured in the picture. This ring is a great option for fashionable and logical reasons: since it’s made from tungsten carbide, the ring is scratch resistant and difficult to break while also looking good. The 10MM ring featured to the left is a ring I chose to purchase for my brother-in-law from Ring-Ninja.com. My brother-in-law is an electrician on various construction sites. He works with his hands and handles heavy machinery on a regular basis. I knew that he needed to have a tungsten carbide ring to wear at work. I saw this ring and knew it would be perfect for him! Ring-Ninja’s tungsten carbide rings are comfort fit rings which  is perfect for my brother-in-law since his fingers tend to swell on occasion from all of the construction work that he does. I purchased the ring for $62.99 and he loves it! Some of his friends from work have also taken the step to purchase themselves a tungsten carbide ring from Ring-Ninja.com to wear while they are at work. Check out the collection!

May 29 2013

6MM Scoop Style Tungsten Ring


Scoop style rings are a great alternative to traditional ring bands. The scoop adds a flare of style that differentiates the ring enough to stand-out. I love tungsten carbide scoop style rings. Whenever I wear one of the three that I own I always get compliments. My most recent scoop-style tungsten ring purchase is the ring in the picture on the left. I purchased this ring from my favorite site, Ring-Ninja.com. Ring-Ninja has yet to fail me. I have purchased several rings from their website and I have always been pleased with their service and product lines. I purchased this ring for only $56.99! What a deal! I absolutely love it. Tungsten carbide metal is perfect for rings since the metal itself is scratch resistant and incredibly strong. The tungsten carbide rings that Ring-Ninja sells are comfort fit rings and they are 100% hypo allergenic! Check out this ring and other rings on their website!

May 21 2013

Tungsten Camouflage Ring Set!


Due to popular demand, Ring-Ninja.com has recently added a new His and Hers Laser Etched Camouflage ring set to their tungsten ring collection! The laser etch pattern is applied around the circumference of each ring to achieve the camouflage look. The result is exceptionally unique; the ring set makes a perfect pair for two. The women’s ring has a width of 5MM and the men’s ring has a width of 8MM. Each ring is a comfort fit Tungsten Carbide ring, meaning they are scratch resistant, comfortable , unique, and affordable at only $109.99 for the set! This is the perfect set of rings for you if you and your loved one like camouflage and want a subtle way to incorporate the pattern into your everyday wardrobe.

Apr 19 2013

Benefits of 3MM Tungsten Rings

RNTU023_A At age 24, my fingers are officially done growing, not that they are that long to begin with. I have shorter, stubby fingers which makes is difficult to find rings that won’t strangle my hand. I have always tried to wear larger rings, around 10-12MM because I like the look of them when they aren’t on my finger. Since my fingers are shorter, the wider rings take up the majority of my finger and leave creases of squashed-skin around the ring band. But it doesn’t stop there. In addition to a squashed finger, a wider ring almost always gets stuck on my finger when trying to remove it.

A few weeks ago I decided that for the sake of my finger and my sanity I had to give up with my battles with  wide rings; it was time to accept  that if I wanted to wear rings I would need to make some changes to the types of rings I was wearing.  I did some research and found that decreasing the width of the band would make my fingers look longer and decrease discomfort. Of course! Why hadn’t I realized this before?

I began my hunt for small-width ring band to try out. Whenever I  look for new rings there are always two problems that I encounter: my skin is sensitive, so I always try to get jewelry that won’t irritate my skin; as a recent college grad, I’m not exactly rollin’ in the dough. My specific criteria for a new ring led me to my trusted source of information: Google. I typed in my search bar “cheap tungsten rings” and it brought me to a site, Ring-Ninja.com. I decided to investigate the site to see what they had, which was a lot of different ring options!

I stumbled across a 3MM Tungsten Pipe Cut Ring which looked like a nice classy style that I could wear with a variety of things. Since the ring was priced well at $42.99 I decided to order it and give it a try. The results: I love it! I can wear my new Tungsten Ring with any outfit I own and it looks fabulous! My fingers are no longer strangled by ring bands that are far too wide for my fingers. I am going to send mine back to Ring-Ninja and have them custom engrave my ring, too. Pretty exciting!

I highly recommend this site to anyone that is looking for a quality ring at a great price.

Apr 15 2013

Greek Pride

RNTU037_A During my college years I was fortunate to have the experience of traveling abroad. During my travels I always maintained an equal balance of fear and excitement. It is exciting to experience and absorb new cultures, but it is also terrifying to enter uncharted territory. I am a bit of an adrenalin junkie when it comes to traveling abroad; I always like to be on the line between comfort and discomfort.

Out of the five different European countries I have traveled in, there is one country in particular that I have always wanted to venture to, Greece. In West Michigan, my hometown area, there is a surprisingly large number of full-blooded second generation Greek immigrants. Perhaps this is an exaggeration on my part, but I have three close friends that are in fact second-generation Greek immigrants, meaning their parent(s) came from Greece. All of them have been to Greece a number of times, and I always drool over their stunning photographs and countless stories of their majestic-sounding experiences.

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