Jan 11 2011

Tungsten and Black Carbon Fiber Ring

For our first review of a Tungsten Ring here at Tungsten Ring Review, we’ve decided we’d go with what appears to be the most popular edition on the market today.  Pictured here is a Tungsten and Black Carbon Fiber Ring from Ring-Ninja.com.  This ring is available at many retailers but you need to be careful when considering this ring because the make-up of the Tungsten is key.  Some retailers will use Cobalt (even though many claim not to use Cobalt, it’s important to go with a reputable retailer) to keep their manufacturing costs down.  Cobalt can have a negative reaction with the skin, and cause your ring to tarnish over time.  The solution to this has been to use Nickle as a binder, which is the most viable option to give the ring a long lasting polish and prevent any undesirable skin irritation. Continue reading