9MM Laser Etched ‘Celtic’ Tungsten Wedding Ring Stepped Edge

This is truly a great looking ring.  In fact, I’m not even sure you can just refer to it as a ring — this thing is a piece of art.  The way that the center of this ring is raised above the edges, and the center brushed to give it a nice, dark hue, is truly breath taking.  What makes this particular ring a true piece of art though is the laser etched Celtic Knot pattern that stands out on the raised center.  Symbolising two that have become one is really brought to the forefront in the craftsmanship on this ring.

Tungsten Wedding Bands that have this Celtic Pattern really stand out, and not just because they are eye catching — but because they are built to last.  With a solid piece of Tungsten Carbide wrapped around your finger you just can’t go wrong. 

The best place to pick this ring up?  Ring-Ninja.com of course!  As always you can expect the best quality, and best price from Ring Ninja.  This ring rings up at just $59.99, and best of all they come in sizes as low as a 6 (which is very hard to find for a ring of this substantial width) and go as a high as a size 16 ring.  We know most stores cut off the ring sizes at 12, so this is especially important for you guys out there looking for size 13, 14, 15, or even that illusive size 16 ring.

Here is the product description from Ring-Ninja, which is hands down the best place for cheap wedding rings:

Our 9MM Laser Etched ‘Celtic’ Tungsten Wedding Ring features a Celtic style pattern making it a very popular choice for a wedding band, or just a standard piece of everyday jewelry. This comfort ring is made from Tungsten Carbide and is extremely scratch resistant. It’s shine will last a lifetime.

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