8MM Tungsten Wedding Ring w/ Laser Etched Celtic Cross Pattern Silver Color

This is one of the most unique wedding rings that we’ve ever seen here at Tungsten Ring Review!  This Tungsten Wedding Ring features a slim, flat profile – what’s known as a pipe cut ring in the industry.  The laser etching really shows up great on this ring, the picture doesn’t even do it justice.  If you’re into the Celtic Cross look we’d totally recommend this ring.  Since the ring is made of Tungsten Carbide it will last a lifetime, and will always look polished.  Unlike some rings we’ve seen with a ‘brushed’ finish, this one just doesn’t seem to get dirty, there are no grooves so the ring really doesn’t require cleaning at regular intervals at all.

One nice thing about these Tungsten Wedding Bands is that they are ideal for people with active lifestyles.  Personally I used to work in a field where my job required me to wear a band that was smooth with no grooves, it was the food industry, and  this would have been the perfect ring.  With it’s stylish Laser Etched Cross Pattern I would have been proud to sport this thing in almost any situation. 

As with most of the Tungsten Rings we’ve seen over at Ring Ninja this ring can also be purchased in a 6MM width, which makes it an ideal choice for a Men’s Wedding Ring or a Women’s Wedding Ring.  Of course these rings can be purchased in a set to get a discount on top of the already great prices that we see Ring Ninja regulary turn out on their high quality jewelry products.  At the time of writing this post they are currently having a Valentine’s Day Engraving Special so any of their rings can be engraved for just $14.95!!!!  That’s $10 off their regular price of $24.95.  Add to that this coupon code we found: 5offjanuary and you’ll save 5% off your entire order – even the already discounted custom engraving.  This ring can be had for a mere $59.99 before any discounts are applied.

Following is the product description from their website:

Our 8MM Tungsten Wedding Ring w/ Laser Etched Celtic Cross Pattern features a flat surface and an intricate cross pattern that is permanently laser etched into the Tungsten. The cross pattern is done in a silver color. This ring makes a great gift, wedding ring, or is just a great piece of jewelry to be worn at anytime. It is a comfort fit ring and is extremely scratch resistant. The shine will last a lifetime!

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