6MM Scoop Style Tungsten Ring


Scoop style rings are a great alternative to traditional ring bands. The scoop adds a flare of style that differentiates the ring enough to stand-out. I love tungsten carbide scoop style rings. Whenever I wear one of the three that I own I always get compliments. My most recent scoop-style tungsten ring purchase is the ring in the picture on the left. I purchased this ring from my favorite site, Ring-Ninja.com. Ring-Ninja has yet to fail me. I have purchased several rings from their website and I have always been pleased with their service and product lines. I purchased this ring for only $56.99! What a deal! I absolutely love it. Tungsten carbide metal is perfect for rings since the metal itself is scratch resistant and incredibly strong. The tungsten carbide rings that Ring-Ninja sells are comfort fit rings and they are 100% hypo allergenic! Check out this ring and other rings on their website!

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